If you would ask me to give just one advice, I would advise you to drink more green juices (vegetable juices), because that is in my view the most pure form of nutrition. They are squeezed vegetable juices, Athletic Greens pure food and easily absorbed.

The advantage of a green smoothie (leafy vegetables with fruit and water finely ground in a blender) is that the fibers of the vegetables are still there, because most people eat too little fiber. But the advantage of a green juice – and that is the paradox – is that it does not contain any fibers, so that the nutrients can be absorbed into your body very easily and easily.

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If you would give me someone who is far away from his or her health, someone who has not cared for his or her body for years and has developed all sorts of complaints, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a weak immune system and all kinds of problems as a result, and you would ask me what I would advise to bring the person back to a good level of health, then I would give him or her the most pure form of nutrition, and in my opinion these are green juices. A green juice is a juice, a vegetable juice, usually made from vegetables squeezed in a slow juicer, with the moisture of the vegetables and possibly the fruit in it.

Fortunately, green juices are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Only green juices have one big disadvantage as you might know: they cost a lot of time to make. If I make a green juice with fresh vegetables for myself once a week, then I am happy, and if there are two then that is when I am very honest with my weekly average. Making it takes a lot of time, but how do you solve that? How do you give your health something so great, without it spending a lot of time? The answer to that is greens powders, so squeezed vegetable juices that are dried so that you get a powder that you only need to add water to. Athletic Greens powders contain a wide range of ingredients that cover the basis for the day, it is like a multivitamin that takes little time to prepare.

There is something wrong with all those green powders on the market. For 4 or 5 years I use all kinds of greens powders, but I was never satisfied. What I was looking for was a product that is not only healthy but also good, but the problem is that almost all greens powders are not drinkable: with most greens powders you have to pinch your nose and then drink it. A number of advanced health freaks like I can handle, but for most people it is simply not an option. I therefore wanted something that is accessible to many people. So I wanted a greens powder that:

tastes very tasty
is fully organic certified (many greens powders are not)
a complete composition of ingredients contains (not only all kinds of different vegetables but also different hormone balancing and immune strengthening herbs)
algae, such as spirulina and chlorella, that support our body’s detoxification processes
probiotics for our intestinal flora
does not contain bad additives (many greens powders contain bad sweeteners to make it delicious)
natural sweeteners contains
financially affordable , because most greens powders come from the United States and are simply simply expensive for that reason.
We started developing a product that meets all these requirements: Superfoodies Green Juice .

Athletic Greens Juice is simple and quick to prepare. Use one or two teaspoons per day, add water and you can drink it immediately. It tastes good of itself, because we have put lucuma powder in it, a kind of mango-like fruit from Peru that is also very prebiotic (good precursor of “good” bacteria in your intestinal flora). And there is passion fruit powder in it, a bit of lemongrass powder and a bit of stevia, all to give it a nice taste.

Your cola-drinking and pizza-eating neighbor may not find Athletic Greens Juice the tastiest drink ever, but most people just like to add it with water. Another option is to add a little apple juice or orange juice, or stir it with a green smoothie.